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Retirement Living Options for the Active Senior

June 10, 2019

Retirement Living Options for the Active Senior

Retirement is near. You can see it off on the horizon. You have so many plans for what you’re going to do when you’re finally retired! You’ll have all the free time in the world. Except, wait… You have to mow the lawn before you can go golf… You have to wait for a repairman to fix your sink before you can go to card club… You have to find a house sitter that you can trust before you go on that long awaited and much deserved cruise… The joys of retirement aren’t so joyful when you have to shoulder the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep of a large home.

Something to contemplate before you reach that magnificent retirement day is downsizing. If you simplify your life now, you can start the next chapter focusing on what your passions are. There are many options for downsizing and it’s important that you find the one that’s best for you.

Smaller House:

The move to a smaller home offers the advantage of downsizing while possibly offering storage space, a private yard, perhaps a basement or a garage. With a smaller house you’re not really getting that independence and freedom that you’ve been searching for though. You’ll still be responsible for upkeep of the home so how freeing would choosing a smaller house be?

Traditional Condo or Apartment:

There are many upsides to a traditional condo or apartment. Your days of yard work, maintenance, shoveling snow, and general upkeep can be left back in your pre-retirement days. You’ll be free to do the things you want to do. However, some pitfalls to a condo or traditional apartment can include costly HOA fees, noisy neighbors, a landlord that’s unreliable… Just to name a few. You don’t want to be stuck next to a young, growing family when you’re trying to relax and have peace and quiet, do you?

After 55 Apartment / Adult Living Apartment:

Similar to a traditional apartment or condo, a 55 and over apartment will offer you maintenance free independent living. No yard work, shoveling snow, worrying about fixing a leaky faucet… Your time is yours to fill with the things you love. However, an adult living apartment community is going to offer much more than a traditional apartment can. Neighbors who are in the same chapter of life can offer new friendships, camaraderie, and the ideal, quiet neighborhood you prefer. Amenities in after 55 apartments are designed with the independent young senior population in mind as well! Take a look at the many after 55 apartment amenities that you can expect at Springwood Luxury Adult Living.

  • Independent 55 and over community
  • All utilities included (heat, electric, cable TV, public Wi-Fi, water, trash)
  • Spacious kitchens with stainless appliances, dishwasher, and microwave
  • Granite kitchen countertops
  • Attached, heated, secured parking garage
  • All apartments have a private patio or deck
  • Twice weekly on-campus chef prepared meals
  • Twice monthly housekeeping and linen services
  • Community fitness room
  • Monthly wellness check 
  • Concierge services
  • Planned community social events/catered meals
  • Outdoor patio with grill, fire pit, and outdoor seating
  • Community great room with large screen TV and Wi-Fi
  • Washer and dryer provided in unit
  • Pet-friendly community with dog park
  • On-site maintenance

If you want to learn more about how Springwood Luxury Adult Living can help to make your retirement years everything you’ve dreamed of, give us a call today or stop in for a tour!

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