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Downsize and Be Happy!

Bob Pontius August 20, 2019

Downsize and Be Happy!

As Baby Boomers age, they are coming to the realization that the old saying, “he who dies with the most stuff, wins” might not be true and that their collections of “stuff” might not be worth all that much- ­especially all the time and effort they have put into it! One of the reasons the Real Estate market is so hot right now is that seniors are listing big homes they have lived in for 40 years and downsizing to an apartment like Springwood Luxury Adult Living in Hudson.

We have found that most folks over 65 would really like to downsize and move to a smaller, more manageable living situation, they just don’t know where to start. Here are some tips:

  1. Organize. The first thing to do is organize everything into 3 categories: Keep, Donate, and Trash. Don’t spend too much time wondering if your granddaughter wants a figurine your Aunt Betty had in the 50’s or if you should keep your business suits from your working days before you retired. Just put it all into one of the 3 groups and then ask your family (later) to make sure everything is in an appropriate group. If they want something, ask them to speak up!

  2. Downsize. Don’t play around with this one- this is the time to handle the 3 piles you made. Ask family members if they would like anything, and then ACT! This is the time to focus on the “donate” and “trash” categories. Believe me, if you haven’t touched it in a year or more, why do you still have it, why do you need it? Trust me; you will not ever need that 70’s Hawaiian print shirt ever again. Get rid of it! And your kids don’t want the “heirloom punchbowls” or all those old coffee cans full of nails in the garage!

  3. Sell. Yes, selling the house and moving is very important and might even be necessary at some point. Many people over 65 are tired of maintaining a yard and plumbing and raking leaves and all that goes with owning a home. Renting an apartment brings the liberty of having no maintenance worries! Start the conversation with a real estate expert that you know and trust, it’s much better and easier if you start this conversation early! We recommend a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) who will be uniquely qualified to assist in the legal, financial and emotional aspects of the sale of a senior’s house.

Springwood Luxury Adult Living in Hudson is a unique lifestyle community for seniors over 55 where retirement is meant to be enjoyed and life lived to its fullest. Our large apartments were created with the downsizer in mind and our all-inclusive pricing makes the most frugal senior happy. For a tour or more information on downsizing, visit us at or call 234-284-4502.

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