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Creative Retirement Living Arrangements You Might Not Have Considered

February 19, 2020

Just as there is no one-size-fits-all retirement, there is no one solution for retirement housing that works for everyone. With today’s ease of planning and communication, it is possible to live a life of adventure while still staying connected to the ones you love. Whether you dream of traveling or dream of reducing your responsibilities and increasing freedom, villas and independent living options are great choices for seniors. Wherever you roam, you can still call Danbury home.

Here are several creative ways and reasons you might consider independent living for this next phase of life:

Out-of-State Family

If your children and grandchildren live out of state, you probably plan to visit them on a regular basis... but there's still the house to worry about back home. Whether you rent a condo, stay in a hotel, or sleep in a spare bedroom while you're visiting relatives, downsizing to an independent living apartment or villa ensures your property will be cared for while you're out of town, providing you with the peace of mind to enjoy family time. 

Life on the Road

Retirement means travel for many seniors. For years you’ve been dreaming of taking trips that haven’t quite fit in with your vacation days, and now you’re free! It takes time and energy, though, to prep your home before and after you embark on your various adventures. When you choose to downsize to independent living, you can worry less about the household maintenance and worry more about your upcoming itinerary.

Loose the chains of household chores while you travel the world, whether by plane, by cruise ship, or by RV, and come home to a social community instead of overgrown grass.

Downsize for Greater Freedom

You can downsize your living space while expanding your living arrangements at the same time. How? Consider downsizing to a condo, villa, or independent living space in your current community while renting a second property elsewhere for a season. This arrangement allows you to build a foundation of friendships and social activities at your “home base” while giving you the freedom to explore other locations as well. A quality independent living community offers you the security of a long-term, friendly community you can always return to.

Springwood is always ready to welcome you home! Explore Springwood as a part of your retirement solution.

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